Rassim Hariz

Business development Manager, Offshore Renewables & Grid Access Solutions, Siemens

Rassim Hariz is an international maritime sustainable infrastructures and technology advocate across Africa and Europe. He has gained a global experience with public, private and civil sectors on several maritime and coastal sustainability development issues across a wide range of disciplines such as strategic advisory, business development, financing & investment, permitting, engineering and operations in large-scale projects. He had the opportunity to work on offshore renewables and energy transmission deployment as well as on institutional capacity building with a specific focus on environmental, energy, water, transportation and security infrastructures planning policies. In this framework, he has been involved with many stakeholders such as the United Nations, European Commission, Algerian and French governments, global NGOs, major utilities and industrial manufacturing companies. Rassim holds an environmental engineering degree from the National Higher School of Offshore Engineering and Coastal Planning (Algiers, Algeria), a Master of Science in Coastal Expertise and Management from the European Institute of Marine Studies (Brest, France) and an MBA in Renewables and Energy Efficiency from Beuth University of Applied Sciences and Technology (Berlin, Germany). Rassim is also an active promoter of #EnergisingAfrica on social media.